Friday, November 03, 2006

The Grading Dilema

I have been thinking a lot about Tony Winger's presenation and how I can adapt my grading policies and categories. Right now, I still have the same general categories for grading: tests, quizzes, homework, labs, etc. I know, I know...terrible! I have been asking several questions to people who have already implemented new grading categories, just to gain a better understanding. Next semester I plan to try some different categories like responsibility, content knowledge, etc. to see how communication changes with the students and parents. I still have a lot of questions that I need to figure out for myself about late work, the daily assignments given out, how to split the point values for asssignments for the different categories...Ok, I have a lot of questions and uncertainties about this. I'm anxious to try some new things out and see how they go for next semester.

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Barbara S. said...

It's OK Emily to have lots of questions. It is the fact that you are asking those questions that is important. I would just say try some new things, and see what happens. You are wise enough to figure out which changes are good and which changes you want to throw out.