Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Learning 2.0 Class

The Online Learning 2.0 Class has been great! We are constantly introduced to new technology everyday and I always feel overwhelmed with trying to learn it and figure out ways that I can use these various resources in my classroom. This class has helped me discover so many ways to incorportate my blog, wiki, podcasts, etc in class.
At the beginning of this year, it was my goal to create 2 podcasts just to see how it works and benefits my students. I have to be honest, I'm not sure I would have taken the time to check out the Camtasia software and create a podcast if this class did not require it. But since I have done it, I was able to see how easy it really is!
It was really nice to have Micki Wayman and Patrick Carter taking this class along with me. Since we are all in the science department, we were constantly comparing and collaborating about ideas on technology for this class. Those of you who also took this class could probably also see we were a bit competative about finishing first, too!
The technology is still overwhelming at times, but I really enjoy learning about it and integrating it into my classroom.

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